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I am a designer, how can I sell / list my designs?

If you are a jewelry designer, you can get income by listing your designs on On designs are sold in 2 ways.

1- You can get income from the digital drawing files of your designs. While adding your design, you need to add your digital drawing files which will be helpful in production beside the pictures of your design and you are entering cost for these digital files. Or you need to upload your digital files within 24 hours after your design ordered by a customer. Only the Designer and Goldsmith will be able to purchase your digital files, the digital file sales are not visible to normal customers.

2- You will also receive income from the sale of the physical (manufactured) product of your design. If a customer like your design he/she need to ask for offer to goldsmiths by clicking Start Bidding button. This offer request will be sent to all goldsmiths registered on and they will Bid for request. Any customer will be able to order from those listed Bids on product page. And you as Designer will get income from this sale as much as you entered price for digital files. It's like a kind of copyright income.


Designers will earn 80% of Digital Price for every Digital or Manufactured sales. commission will be 20%